TopSolidWood Installation Instructions


Using Disc 1

Choose the appropriate version for your Windows Operating System.

If you have 64 bit windows then choose TopSolid 2014 x64 otherwise choose TopSolid 2014




Choose English





Click Next




Choose Yes




Choose Single licence if you have NOT purchased a Network Licence
and Click Next




The installer will automatically pick what components need to be installed on this page do not select anything manually

Click Next

If you receive a message Sentinel Driver not installed Click OK the driver can be installed later after install has completed if necessary




Click Next to accept the default installation directory




Choose the setup TopSolid’Wood or TopSolid’WoodCam Package and Click Next

You will be advised which option to pick before installing via email



Accept the mm for units and Click Next




Click on Browse to change the destination folder for personal configuration files

Do this by typing in the additional folder name e.g. 615 required as specified below for the version you are installing and Click OK

C:\Missler\Config to C:\Missler\Config\615 for TopSolid 2014





Now Click Next




Click Next on the Group configuration files dialog to leave them as default




Click Browse if you would like to change the default location where projects are saved otherwise Click Next




Choose No When asked to install the protection codes

Then Click Next




The TopSolid Install will now detect your graphics card and choose the appropriate Graphics settings for it

If you are sure your computer has a detected graphics card then

Choose Advanced and Click Next




Click Next



TopSolid will now install

Accept any other defaults for other components which get installed such as TopSolid’Viewer and TopSolid’Finder

When complete uncheck the Display TopSolid news document and Click Finish





Using Disc 2


Please install the following components:

TopSolid’Wood Textures

TopSolid’Wood Libraries

Select all the default options for all three components which also need to be installed.



Once installed you can save the attached licence file into the C:\Missler\Config\615 folder which should exist, overwrite the existing file.