Recommended Minimum Configuration

Operating System

Windows 10

Windows 8 & 8.1

Windows 7

64 bit recommend (32 bit is supported but not recommended)


Intel Core i7 (Dual Core or Quad Core) or AMD equivalent



Hard Drive

SSD (Solid State Drive - High Speed) 256GB
or 500 GB HDD @ 7200RPM

5400RPM HDD are not recommended

Graphics Card

TopSolid has been optimised for the use of the latest NVIDIA GeForce & Quadro graphics accelerators.

Graphics Card with a minimum of 1GB memory
GDDR5 preferred over DDR3 memory

AMD Radeon and AMD FirePro Graphics Cards are not recommended but will still run TopSolid

Resolution & Screen Size

Minimum Resolution 1440 x 900

Full HD Recommended 1920x1080

Minimum 15” Screen

17" Screen Recommended


Mouse with a scroll middle button

USB Ports


  Avast and Trend micro anti-virus software create false positive alerts with TopSolid files and therefore recommend adding exceptions into the software to prevent this from occurring.

NVIDIA® and the NVIDIA® logo are registered trade marks of NVIDIA Corporation.
AMD® and the AMD® logo are registered trade marks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

TopSolid and Apple Mac's

TopSolid can only be installed on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

TopSolid will run on any Mac which has an Intel based chip via Mac's Boot Camp software which allows you to install Microsoft Windows Operating Systems alongside the Mac operating system. The following link outlines all you need to know to install Microsoft Windows.

Will TopSolid run on a Mac using Parallels, VMWare or VirtualBox software (virtualisation software) running Microsoft Windows Operating System?

TopSolid will run however you will find that it will not have the same performance as it would running directly in Microsoft Windows via Boot Camp.

As the virtualisation software is running the Microsoft Windows software on top of the Mac Operating System there are a many resources been used by the Mac Operating System which will degrade the performance of applications such as TopSolid which requires a high level of dedicated CPU & graphics processing.

We are unable to provide any technical support for 3rd party applications such as Parallels or VMWare.

For these reasons we do not recommend running TopSolid via a virtualisation software.